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The Boyfriend Tactic and How It is Employed by Traffickers

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I was tricked into going with him by a creature who pretended to be a man. When he lured victims, he employed a common technique that is now used more than any other to do so: the boyfriend technique. He persuaded me that we were a couple in love, and I travelled 2,000 miles to be with him as a result. When I arrived, I was coerced into having sexual relations with males against my choice. During my time as a victim of human trafficking, I was severely beaten, malnourished, and mentally mistreated, and I was treated as if I were a non-sentient object with no feelings. My first trafficker, dubbed “the lover pimp,” had me under his control for three months. I was taken into custody and charged with prostitution before being released back to him. After that, he sold me to another trafficker, where the torture was allowed to continue.

I was sexually exploited and trafficked for a year and three months before I was able to return to my family in my own country. Having returned home, I aim to use my experience to educate others about this injustice. Human trafficking is a heinous crime that no human should ever be forced to endure. I’d want to put some light on the situation. Boyfriend quotes on Reneturrek. will help you understand boyfriend better.

I’d want to use my narrative to educate you on the boyfriend technique, which is as follows:

  1. Personal grooming

When a trafficker poses as a boyfriend, he will begin grooming the victim relatively quickly after first connecting with him. The trafficker will court his victim in the hopes of developing a love relationship with her once he feels comfortable. Fortunately for the sufferer, the “lover” is resourceful and will locate the precise object or void that the victim is in need of. This might include something as basic as meals for someone who does not have a reliable food supply or assistance with paying bills for someone who is experiencing financial difficulties. Other, more audacious approaches include providing the victim with an infinite supply of drink, drugs, money, clothing, and automobiles with no strings attached. After understanding a bit more about his victim, the trafficker will begin the process of convincing his victim that they are a pair as a result of the friendship they have developed.

The trafficker may do things such as understanding your habits, likes and dislikes, and remembering the foods or movies you love the most in order to profit from you. His request to meet your family and friends may be met with resistance, but you may feel comfortable enough to let him into your home, as I did. It was not just my trafficker that met my family, but it was also my boyhood home that he visited. Afterwards, he utilised it as leverage in a negotiating situation.

My trafficker also let me to meet his family, which I much appreciated. Although visiting his family is not common for many victims of crime, he recognised that I was highly family-oriented and that meeting his family would only serve to deepen our bond. This is an example of how adaptable a human trafficker can be when the situation calls for it.

My trafficker groomed me for a total of eight months, from beginning to end. I was head over heals in love with this man. For eight months, he looked after me, fed me, was nice and charming, and never once yelled at me or even raised his voice.

  1. Isolation.

After a period of time penetrating your daily routine and family life, he will begin to isolate you without you realising it, giving you the impression that no one else on the planet knows you quite way he does. You may even feel forced to leave from loved ones without their knowledge and spend the majority of your time with your trafficker, if not all of your time. A period of time will pass, and before you realise it, the trafficker will have effectively isolated you from everybody and everything outside of his immediate vicinity.

  1. The Dissolution of the Relationship

After then, the inevitable occurs: the split. This is a critical step in the trafficker’s operation. Then he will instigate a quarrel to guarantee that you end up breaking up with him, or he will disappear to make you feel alone and lost without him, even devastated. After a lengthy period of time without touch, the trafficker will reach out again, expecting that his grooming and affection would have resulted in the victim being at his beck and call and ready to accompany him wherever he wishes.

If the victims did not respond to the trafficker’s efforts after the breakup time, the trafficker’s strategy would be foiled. After my trafficker ended his relationship with me, I was overjoyed to get a phone call from him. When he asked me to accompany him to California, I didn’t hesitate to accept his invitation. He provided the dreams I’d previously informed him about, as well as the fairy tales I’d expressed an interest in experiencing. Most significantly, he provided me with a sense of stability and financial security for myself and my family. Before I could take a deep breath, I was on a plane to California, where I hoped to plant the seeds of my dreams. Unfortunately, I only succeeded in achieving the things that are the stuff of nightmares.

The most essential thing I want people to take away from reading this is that traffickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just as victims of trafficking do.

If I had been educated and informed about human traffickers, I feel that this type of victimisation would not have occurred in many situations, including my own experience. When it comes to depicting human trafficking, the movies and television fall short. Although no one can be held responsible, a lack of information is the root cause of the situation in question. However, this is something that we can influence.

Prevention Offers the Best Chance of Success

In the hopes of becoming the loudest voices in the fight to eliminate human trafficking, I aim to join my fellow survivors in being the most vocal advocates. The possibility of igniting a significant discourse and assisting in the education of people about the reality of human trafficking

I ask that you bring up some of the topics in this reading tonight while your family and friends are gathering around the dinner table or in front of the television. Asking inquiries about your children’s relationships is not anything to be ashamed of as a parent. Have a dialogue that is healthy, open, and instructive. Friends, don’t be discouraged or afraid to educate one another on important issues. Look for people who may have someone like this in their lives and ask them for referrals. Knowledge is really precious. It is possible to save lives by educating our family, friends, and other important individuals in our life.

I was a victim of sex trafficking when I was younger. The atrocities and abuse that occur when a person is trafficked should never be endured by another human being. I am now presenting myself to you as a survivor. I shall use my voice to contribute to the education of our nation. I will take a stance and march in the battle against violence against women. As a result of my remarks, I hope to assist my fellow survivors in their quest for validation and healing. I’d want to invite you to join me in taking a stand as well.