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Reasons Why You Need Custom 404 Page

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When it comes to looking for online products and services on the net, there are few things more frustrating to an online user than being led to a generic 404 page when they click on a product that piques their interest. In many ways, the default 404 pages can be extremely discouraging to many users, as it not only tells them that the website they clicked into does not exist, but it also bombards them with information. Most people that end up on a generic 404 page typically leave the site and never come back. Such is the reason why a WordPress custom 404 page is sorely needed.

It seems so strange that a custom page denoting that the content does not exist can be such an essential part of web optimization, but it’s all about making sure that the company does not accidentally push their customers away. It seems so silly that a single 404 page can mean the difference between more traffic and revenue and potentially pushing online users away, but that’s how web optimization can be. It’s all about the little things!

Here are some reasons why any company focused on delivering a quality website would need a custom 404 page.

A means to push a certain type of branding

There are quite a few reasons why someone might accidentally end up on a 404 page. They might have mistyped the address, or the link they clicked no longer works. No matter the reason, there is a constant stream of online users that end up in 404 pages, which is why some savvy companies use it as a form of branding. After all, a company can put anything on their 404 page, so why not make it fun and relevant to what the company is all about?

Add something onto the custom page that might make the company’s target demographic crack a smile. Spend even just a bit of effort on the 404 page and the amount of added revenue could surprise many company owners.

The default 404 is as bad as it gets

The trouble with the default 404 page for Internet browsing is that it is not just bad — it could potentially discourage online users from looking further. It is a combination of all the things a professional web developer would not want from a webpage. Not only does the typical 404 page look boring, but it is also filled to the brim with technical jargon that is often more than enough to dissuade online users from looking further. Even if they had accidentally mistyped the address, the default 404 page is so bad that it could potentially stop them from correcting the mistake and urge them to do something else.

Making a WordPress custom 404 page is easy

Much like web design using WordPress in general, a custom 404 page is quite easy to build. There doesn’t even have to be any typed-out words in a traditional sense. It can just be a simple art piece that showcases the theme of the company providing online users with the information they need. The best part is that companies can be as creative as they want to be with the 404, as a custom 404 page will always show the business in a positive light. The fact that it’s easy enough to build a 404 page is icing on the cake. It isn’t a wasted effort, as it could potentially keep people scrolling.

It helps make the company seem more relatable

As stated above, a custom 404 page will always show a company in a positive light. It shows that they cared enough to build a custom page in the event that online users accidentally end up in a dead link. While it might not always happen, a company that takes the time to deal with the little things will make the business seem that much more relatable. It can also be a lot of fun to make as there are no particular rules to follow other than to keep it simple.

It’s funny how a custom 404 page can be so useful considering it has no content, but that’s how web optimization can be sometimes. Taking the time to polish the little things can mean much more for a company than many people realize.